At MALLOL TRADUCTORS ASSOCIATS SL we started translating in 1979 and soon added corrections and transcriptions to our services. We therefore have many years of experience, accumulating the conscientiousness and skill required to be able to meet any of our clients' editing and translation needs.

We're professional in our work, applying the utmost thoroughness and quality. And we strive to be reliable when delivering the finished article.

Translations into other languages are always carried out by translators whose native tongue is the final language, ensuring not only that the end product's language is correct but also accurate in meaning. We have translators specialising in different areas, such as literature, journalism, advertising, culture, business, law, banking, trade, etc. For translations into the official languages of Spain (Catalan, Spanish, Basque and Galician) we use professional translators with years of experience.

Whenever required by the client, the translation process is backed up by correction carried out by our team of correctors and editors. This may up the price of the final product compared with some of our rivals but it ensures its quality and we'd rather not do things by halves.


We carry out corrections of all kinds: focusing purely on spelling or also style and/or format. As in our translation team, we also have correctors specialising in various areas, such as literature, journalism, advertising, culture, business, law, banking, trade, etc. Naturally, we always respect the original style and format but can also standardise formal or stylistic criteria in the same document if required (e.g. when the original texts have been produced by more than one person). In short, we like to say we deliver the texts "print-ready".


Finally, we also transcribe oral texts and have a hardworking team of professional transcribers with extensive experience in this field that produce excellent results. Proof is that this team is regularly hired to carry out transcriptions for institutional acts and leading public and private organisations. Depending on the client's wishes, the transcription team can limit their work to a rough transcription or can make minimal modifications to the language so that the text can be immediately published, in this case always being checked subsequently by the correction team.

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