We always provide prospective clients with an initial detailed quote including the terms and conditions for the job. The turn-around period is calculated as from when this quote is approved.

Once the most suitable payment terms for both parties have been established, which always take into account the volume and frequency of orders, the work is sent to the client by email.

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We need to analyse the original documents in order to provide a definite quote. You can send them to info@jmallol.com once you've completed the above form.

The turn-around time for the job is calculated based on a rate of 3,000 words/day from Monday to Friday, although additional time is usually also required for handling, correcting and editing the work. These times are also subject to a prior analysis of the original documents. Logically we can also take on large volumes of work in the case of urgent projects, at the weekend, during holiday periods, etc., with the corresponding surcharges.

Should you have any doubts or would like to make a suggestion, please contact us: